Boston Group Trying To Pressure Obama To Deport Aunt


President Obama is catching it from all angles.  Now a political group is calling for the deportation of the President’s aunt.  First, she was living in Boston and it appeared to the housing authority that all of her papers were in order.  But then she left and is presently residing in Ohio.

The President said he did not know that he had a relative living in Boston illegally and that he “believes the appropriate laws should be followed.”  Oh no! Say it ain’t so!  Please don’t tell us that they’ve pulled the old Rev. Wright peer pressure move on him again.  Now he has to rebuke his family.  What good is it to be President when you can’t even hook up your own family?   And in her situation, she’s going to have to use every power he has to stay here.

Read here to see if you think you’ll be waving at his aunt in the friendly skies by next week.

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