Dishin’ Dirt on Shelley Malil, Charli Baltimore, Angie Martinez, Etta James, Beyonce and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Actor Shelley Malil will stand trial for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend.  According to the AJC, Malil stabbed his ex-girlfriend Kendra Beebe 23 times last August in her backyard.  Check out the full article here.  Y’all probably remember that Malil played the part of Haziz in the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

Beebe and Malil

Side Bar-Listen up!  School is in session.  Quit givin’ up the “goodies” before you get to know somebody!!  Not errrybody can handle the chronic and the next thing you know you got some dude/ chick jumpin’ outta bushes on yo’ azz!  Betta yet, if you just gotta be givin’ out free samples and what not, can you not take the fool back to yo’ crib??!  Not errrybody needs to know where you lay yo’ head down at night.  The bell has rung and class is dismissed!

Charli Baltimore

Okay, is anybody else tired of Charli Baltimore capitalizing off of Biggie’s death and the movie Notorious?  Personally, I think that Charli is pissed because she was not portrayed in the movie…AT ALL…as if she did not exist or was IRRELEVANT (I‘m going with the latter).  Anyway, this trick is now on YouTube telling about her “relationship” with Big and how she felt about his death.  Check out the clip here.

Charlie Baltimore

Side Bar-Ladies, if a dude has a WIFE that he is willing to cheat on to be with you, that don’t make you his “GIRL.”  It makes you his WHORE!  Thus making you IRRELEVANT in his life as well as in his death!  Nuff said…

Angie Martinez

BET done picked up 40 more episodes of the Angie Martinez show.  The show originally aired last November with special guest LL Cool J, Marc Anthony and Jay Z.  Personally, I found the show a bit BORING, but that’s just me.  Tell the truth, y’all know y’all don’t see “Oprah” money in her future.  It’s a good thing she is keeping her day job at HOT 97 in NYC!

Etta James and Beyonce

Y’all, Etta James IS THAT BEAST!!  I LOVE Miss Etta because her 80,000 year old azz really believes that she can WHOOP Beyonce’s tail! Apparently Etta is pissed that Beyonce performed HER SONG “At Last” at one of the many Inaugural Balls instead of her.  How silly and petty is that?  I often wonder if Miss Etta is still getting high.  Whatever the case, she very “eloquently” expressed her views about Mrs. Carter in a YouTube video.  Check it out here.

Etta James and Beyonce

Side Bar-I am still laughing about the fact that Etta done got GANGSTA.  Can you see Etta and Beyonce throwing bows?  I love it.  Too funny!!

Jonathan Knight

It has been revealed that Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block is GAY!  The National Enquirer has released photos of Jonathan and his Brazilian lover lip locking.  Now who is surprised about that boy’s sexuality?  Furthermore, who cares who he is getting his groove on with!  As long as it wasn’t Ronnie DeVoe from New Edition, I could care less!  Hey boo!  Call me Ronnie!  Nuff said…

Ronnie DeVoe

Never mind.  Don’t call.  Them eyebrows ain’t quite right…

That’s all the dirt for now.

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11 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Shelley Malil, Charli Baltimore, Angie Martinez, Etta James, Beyonce and more…”

  1. Etta has always been Gansta, she’s made comments to that effect before and while it seem silly and petty to a lot of us, she has been in her opinion bypassed many times and has seen people ‘take’ her style and get Kudos for it. Janis Joplin is an absolute example, Etta came out before her, Janis sang just like her but Janis gets great credit for the singing style. In fact there were many rockers that got credit for Etta ‘s style. As for At Last, it is Etta’s signature song, Beyonce did it okay but not as fab as Etta’s version. Etta is probably thinking ‘here is the real thing and you get the chick who played me in a movie and sang my song to sing it’ Beyonce is Beyonce but kinda Generic. Hey I work with Seniors, don’t sleep on Seniors, they can mess you up, one wop with Etta’s cane to Beyonce’s knee cap she’ll shake her booty no more….

  2. I am screaming at your comment about Ronnie’s eyebrows! I never would have noticed that–you’re right–something is definitely not right about that!

  3. Even though I think Etta didn’t have to go this far, I do have to agree that Beyonce is trying to make the song hers. That’s Etta James’ song, she made that song, no one could ever sing it better.

  4. Etta Needs to sit her azz down somewhere and shut up. How the hell do you sign off on someone playing you in a movie that helps keep your name out there when people who before had forgot your azz was even alive? Then you turn around and talk bad about the girl because she decides the best song for the occasion is “At Last”? That’s crazy to me. Then you turn around and insult the best man for the job who happens to be the 1st black president. Good thing her pick was not named president. She needs to go back under that rock she’s been sleeping under prior to that awful movie made about her and that stupid record lable. Come to think of it she might have been happier with John Mcain as the president since loves white men so much.

  5. The song “At Last” by Etta James . Beyonce was

    given the rites to be the actress to perform the movie,

    that did not give her the right to sang Etta James’ song

    before letting the world know that Etta James is still

    perfoming to this date 2009. What would be a great

    performance would be the two performers on stage

    together at the grammy”s, the same way that Beyonce
    and Tina performed now that showed respect .

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