Dishin’ Dirt on Bobby Brown, Lil’ Wayne, Ludacris, Sheree Whitfield, Fergie, Shanice and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Bobby and Alicia

Bobby Brown is anxiously awaiting the birth of his FIFTH child.  Yep.  You read it right.  Some dummy done let Bobby use their womb to  procreate yet another “Brown.”  And the dummy would be…his manager/ girlfriend Alicia Etheridge.  Alicia Etheridge and Bobby Brown have been business associates for over a decade and they went public with their relationship in a 2007 interview with Sister2Sister Magazine.  This will be Alicia’s first and Bobby’s FIFTH!

Side Bar-Although she ain’t a “looker” and they are “facially” compatible, this union further solidifies my theory that desperation is at an all time high.  Nuff said…

Sheree and Kim

This ain’t got nothin’ to do with nothin’ and I know that we are all sick of the “Real Fake Housewives of Atlanta” but I could not let this one go by without commenting on it.  Sheree Whitfield (my least favorite housewife) was kicking it at a dinner party recently toasting it up and I noticed that Sheree looks like a transsexual!  Is it just me or does anyone else think she is real RuPaul-ish?  He is much prettier of course…


Speaking of RuPaul, the producer of his next CD done did a remix on the Christian Bale tirade.  It is quite funny to say the least.  Click here to listen to it.

Katie and Lil' Wayne

I’ll bet in a million years that Katie Couric never would have thought that she would have to sit down and endure a full conversation with Lil’ Wayne.  Check out the snippets of the interview she did with Lil’ Wayne here.  She looks SO out of her element.  Be sure to check out the “All Access Grammy Special” with Katie Couric airing on February 4 on CBS 9/8C.

Katie Couric and Lil' Wayne

Side Bar-If you look at Katie’s facial expression during the entire interview you can tell that this is one of those, “I’m laughing at you” and not “with you” expressions.  Y’all know what I am talking about.  Nuff said…

Mel and Eddie

Mel B. done FINALLY settled her paternity suit against Eddie Murphy!  Eddie initially claimed that the BEAUTIFUL baby girl (Angel Iris) was not his but DNA proved otherwise.  We don’t know all of the terms of the settlement but we do know that he was granted visitation.

Mel B.

Side Bar-We all know that Mel is gonna get broke off in child support and I ain’t mad.  Go Mel!!

Luda and Christine

Speaking of baby mama’s, rumor has it that Luda is off da market.  Yep ladies.  Media Take Out is reporting that Luda’s baby mama (possible wife) Christine is rocking a wedding ring.  I would hope that they would not keep their marriage a secret but then again, they may be taking notes from Jay and Bey.


Flex and Shanice

I have saved the best for last.  WHY did Fergie’s non-singing behind straight DIS Shanice Wilson?  Rumor has it that Fergie was performing in the Bahamas in front of a star studded crowd when she decided to pull a Diana Ross move and pass the mic to the folks in the audience.  She approached Flex Alexander and he passed the mic to his wife (Shanice Wilson).  Well, we all know that Shanice is a “Young Patti LaBelle” and she wore that mic out.  Mad and embarrassed, Fergie snatched the mic, pulled out a couple of dollars and stuffed it down Shanice’s shirt.

Flex and Shanice

Side Bar-I think I speak for errrry sista readin’ this blog when I say, folks KNOW who they can pull that foolishness on.  On a side note, this proves my theory that white folks ain’t scurred of us no mo’.  Nuff said…

Holla back at your girl!



10 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Bobby Brown, Lil’ Wayne, Ludacris, Sheree Whitfield, Fergie, Shanice and more…”

  1. Now you know Bobby’s manager was having flasbacks of Bobby Brown bump and grind break down from My Prerogative, and that’s how they hooked up, that’s what got Whitney—regardless of the fact that the video is now 20 years old (sigh of depression) it’s still powerful LOL! Were white folks ever scared of us? I think it was just hype to catch us off guard so we wouldn’t realize not only are they not scared they have no problem punking black people (shoot I remember running from 63rd and Western in the late 70s to get back to school without white mob action and running to the other side of Halsted.) Strangely enough Fergie seems to think she is Honorary black, listening to Wil. I. Am. at times can get you in trouble, that girl hasn’t been right since she was talking about her humps. Also in the world of people who can not singer Fergie also believed the hype and thought she was good, Shanice had to show her what good was. Wonder how eventually her little disrespect will shake down, you know once Shanice recovers and thinks ” Oh no she didn’t” Shanice seems to be a sweetie but still….

  2. * ALL I can say is WOW!!! Look what I’ve been missing! This is more dirty than Christina Aguilera!!! WOW!!!!

  3. Facially Compatible……..NOW THAT’S FUNNY………….LMAO…STOP PLEASE….

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