50 Cent! What the Hell Are You Doing?


I know our gossip chick, Sony, covered this story in her report the other day, but in case you don’t do gossip or you may have missed this part of her report (because some people see 50 Cent and decide to fast forward past whatever he’s doing), it appears that 50 Cent is trying to start a sort of East Coast West Coast beef with Rick Ross.  We just so happened to run across footage from his online community, This is 50.com, that featured him with Rick Ross’s “baby mama”…well one of them, according to the interview.

50 is trying to appear professional in the initial interview with “Tia,” regarding the fraud she claims Rick Ross is living.  She also talks about a book she’s writing on her life.  But then classic 50 appears later when he proceeds to take her on a shopping spree with an unknown guest tagging along.  I can’t believe I’m getting ready to share this interview with you, but it’s black history month and we need to know where our progress is and isn’t.  This speaks volumes about the young man and his stance on black on black crime.  With the new President being a black man, you would think that strides would be made to repair the state of the black man.

But, in this case, it is clear that money can’t buy you everything.  At this point, we assume 50 Cent has traveled the world, yet his exposure and money has not afforded him a perspective that is representative of progress.  Check out the video and as you watch him in action, think about this when you go to purchase your next 50 Cent release.  What is he perpetuating exactly?

50 Cemts with Rick Ross's baby mama, Tia

11 thoughts on “50 Cent! What the Hell Are You Doing?”

  1. * NO COMMENT. OK, I am going to say something. This is disgusting on 10 different levels….

  2. I honestly thought 50 had grown since he’s been sporting “suits” and exploring business oppotunities, but this video shows exactly how immature he really is, especially after having so much DRAMA w/ his son’s mother last year. Hmmm, how soon we forget! What if his son’s mother did this mess to him? As for the mother of Rick’s child, she’s definitely a hott azz mess for even participating in 50’s fiasco b/c at the end of the day, Rick is still her son’s father! I understand she doesn’t have any transportation, but hell, she still doesn’t b/c she sure as hell can’t RIDE that fur coat and gucci shoes 50 brought her dum azz! What an embarassment to her child, and 50’s son will see exactly how childish his damn father is. Just goes to show that money still doesn’t buy CLASS!

  3. ” At this point, we assume 50 Cent has traveled the world, yet his exposure and money has not afforded him a perspective that is representative of progress. ”

    Very well put! I concur.

  4. Ok… first off.. let me be clear.. I AM NOT A 50 FAN. Don’t particularly care for Rick Ross either, but there’s more to this story.

    Rick Ross actually started this whole beef out of the blue with 50. 50 actually mentioned in a previous interview that he didn’t understand where this beef from Rick Ross was coming from. So, he decided… to smash Rick Ross and NOT allow him to benefit from a “battle” in the studio.

    But whether you agree with what 50 did here or not… you have to admit a few things about Rick Ross

    #1 Be careful of who you start a fight with… doesn’t he know he’s not in 50’s league (financially)

    #2 TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN – If Rick was doing what he’s supposed to do to support his son.. 50 couldn’t do this. I mean come on… at least give the woman a ride to pick the boy up from school.

  5. ok, i just watched the gat damn video… Couple things:
    1. Did she have a stroke? Why is she talking out of one side of her mouth?
    2. Fifty is an IDIOT. Why is he allowed to spread his message to the world? Why do people like him? Why are his teeth so big?
    3. Who is pickin up Miss Tia’s kids while she out shopping with 50? Looked to be after 6:00 to me!
    4. How good is she gonna look in her fur and Gucci on the bus?
    5. I don’t know all about Rick Ross, but what’s the big effin deal that he was a CO? So he had a job – so what? What? I been out the projects too long? I for got the code? Whatever! Dey *all* studio gangstas – not just him.
    6. One code I do remember from the ‘jects – Talkin bout somebody momma is fightin words. He didn’t have to say nothing about Ricks mom. She has nothing to do with nothing.
    7. Ok, and so the dude allegedly had a baby with a hooker. I though that was every mainstream rappers dream? They make it rain on em – so they can run a train on em. Remember boys and girls, sex makes babies. I know Rick ain’t the only one got caught! So why bring this up???? Who *flippin* cares?
    8. And last but not least: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh why oh why are people so damn IGNANT?

    Thank you.
    Have a nice day.

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