Octuplet’s Mother Seeks Millions


The octuplet birth that is dominating the news is indeed intriguing.  The whole world, and every mother everywhere, wants to know what kind of crazy can you be when you have six children at home and you make a conscious decision to go out and be artificially inseminated with eight more.  Not only did she proceed with an in vitro procedure, but she also carried all eight to term after it was recommended by physicians to terminate some of the fetuses for her health and the health of the babies.

The woman, obviously delusional, lives off education grants and her parents who bought her a house and went into debt themselves.  Her parents efforts to help her put them in a financial quagmire causing them to lose their own home and move in with her.  While she’s in the hospital, her mother is caring for her six children.

The hospital bills are mounting and she’s already planned to charge Oprah and others millions for her story.  Just days after the babies were born, book deals and various offers of media exposure prompted her to retain the services of public relations firm Killeen Furtney Group.  The young woman now has 14 children under the age of eight and wants to become a television childcare expert.  This has got to be the most drastic measures taken ever to get a job.  Read here to see that her mother agrees that her daughter might be missing a few screws.

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