Jennifer Hudson Lip Synced Anthem?

Jennifer Hudson Superbowl XLIII performance

The Superbowl was set off on a good foot with the explosive performance of the Star Spangled Banner as only Jennifer Hudson can do it.  She belted that song, arguably, better than Whitney Houston.  But, then, music producer, Ricky Minor, let the cat out the bag that her performance was possibly lip synced.

Technically, he did play the track that she submitted to the NFL a week prior to the game, but it appears that she was singing the song.  Now, the press is wondering how to define lip syncing.  Is it lip syncing when you’re actually singing with the track or because they’re playing a pre-recorded track of her singing does that preclude the live assistance? 

Whatever the case might be, I, for one, don’t feel swindled on her performance.  She appeared to be singing at the time the track was being played and she was putting in the work that the track suggests.  Also, check out the video again (we’re running it on the sidebar), she’s a pure pro.  You don’t see her rhythm falter for one millisecond.  She clearly did not miss a beat.  Read full details of her performance here.

5 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson Lip Synced Anthem?”

  1. Fact is, Jennifer did sing the song, but she sang over the track. You can tell at the end of the song, when she is holding that last note and her vibrato kicks in, that her mouth is not moving with the rhythm of the vibrato. That right there told me she was lip-synching. consequently, I did enjoy her rendition.

  2. Yes, Jennifer did put in work on the song, but it was not as amazing as Whitney’s performance. Say what you will about Whitney now and I might agree, but back in the day, she tore it up far better than Jennifer.

  3. Gennifer song that song!! It will be one of the best ever. Thank you Gennifer(once again) for reminding me of how proud I am to be a American.

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