Dishin’ Dirt on Erykah Badu, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Chris Bale, Vivica Fox and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Erykah Badu done gave birth AGAIN!  She and boyfriend, rapper Jay Electronica welcomed a baby girl on Super Bowl Sunday.  I know that I am gonna get some hate mail but DANG!  Can we not have a child with ALL of the “old school” rappers?  The first child (Seven) is by Andre 3000, the second (Puma) by the D.O.C. and now this one is by some no named rapper ain’t nobody ever heard of.  Not to dis’ Jay Electronica but he really is “unknown” if you ain’t surfing myspace and what not looking for underground rappers.  I’m just sayin’…

The Geto Boys

Brand Nubian

Side Bar-I’m taking wagers on who the next baby daddy is gonna be.  I’m thinking Willie D (The Geto Boys) or the Grand Puba (Brand Nubian).  Y’all know I’m telling the truth.  Nuff said…

Christian Bale

Foolishness is among us folks.  Back in July actor Chris Bale stopped production on the set of T4 and threatened to whip up on a cinematographer who he thought screwed up a shot.  Well the audio of that day has been released by TMZ and it is CRAZY to say the least.  Check it out here.

Suge Knight


Side Bar-Y’all “crazy” folks know who to pull that foolishness on.  I’ll bet Chris wouldn’t have rolled up on Suge Knight cuttin’ a fool like that.  Hell, he wouldn’t have rolled up on NeYo like that.  Let’s just say…I think he’s a PUNK!  Nuff said…

Vibe Cover

Okay y’all, I laughed when I saw this.  Frankie and Keyshia are on the cover of the March Vibe.  Now that ain’t the HILARIOUS part.  The funny part is that the cover of the magazine says, “The Style Issue.”  When I first saw it, I almost choked to death from laughter.  However, when I read further it said, “Frankie gets the mother of all makeovers.”  THANK GAWD!  ‘Cause if I was tired of seeing her rock the flea market Roc-A-Wear lookin’ like a 13 year old boy.

Side Bar-I have a reality show idea called “Makeover Mama.”  I can name five folks off the rip that need to sign they mamas up.  And the list (in this order) should be…

Janice Combs

Janice Combs (Puffy’s mama)

Ann Iverson

Ann Iverson (Allen Iverson’s mama)


Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s mama)

Yvonne Cole

Yvonne Cole (Keyshia’s other mama)

Tina Douglas

Tina Douglas (Ashanti’s mama)-Under normal circumstances she ain’t that bad but she gets on my last nerve all up in Shani’s shyne!  Ugh…

Vivica Fox

Alright y’all, why is Vivica Foxx promoting the Psychic Friends Network??!  Either she got a “habit” she can’t support or her crib is about to go into foreclosure.  Whatever the case she has made it clear that she is at the point of “I will do anything for money.”

Check out this foolishness here.

Side Bar-Vivica if you are out there I hear Wal-Mart is looking for greeters.

Rick Ross

50 Cent

Okay I know y’all done heard about the Rick Ross/ 50 Cent beef and if you ain’t here is the skinny.  Fiddy done made it his business to ruin Rick Ross’ street credibility.  According to Mr. Ross himself he used to be a corrections officer, yet he raps about the “dope” game.  Fiddy being the azz he usually is done took it there.  Both men have dis’ records, cartoons and videos, but 50 done got real gutter with it.  This dude done tracked down Rick’s baby mama and interviewed her.  Mind you, this opportunist trick has a child support case pending against Rick and of course 50 is capitalizing on all of it.  Personally I find them both quite HILARIOUS.  Check out the video here.

Rick Ross

Side Bar-Really, who believes half these rappers are really “gangster?”  Most of these fools get their rap names from “real” gangsters.  We all know Rick Ross and the rapper Freeway both stole their names from the LA drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross.  If they are sooooo “gangsta” why can’t they use their own “street” names??  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl!



9 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Erykah Badu, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Chris Bale, Vivica Fox and more…”

  1. Knowing Erykah and her ‘interesting’ viewpoints, she may be trying to birth an eventual Rap supergroup, I vote Willie D. Mama Make Over, good concept but these moms are so tacky they are downright fun and I admire their children not trying to shut down their creativity a.k.a. tackiness—especially Janice Combs, I figured as creative as her outfits and hair have been she had to be in on the joke—of course no one agrees with me LOL!

  2. HILARIOUS!! Badu’s next baby daddy is gonna be Cool Mo Dee!
    Okay, I like Frankie….she definitely keeps it real but she can tone it down a notch or two. Now why are you talking about Ms. Yvonne?? You’re gonna get it:-)
    Christian Bale needs anger management. Didn’t he beat up his mama and sister not too long before a Batman premiere? Yeah, he hasn’t rolled up on the right one yet.

  3. When listing mothers of celebrities that are in much need of a makeover…we cannot forget Venus and Serena’s mother…PLEASE!

  4. Girl you must have bodyguards, lol! The stories are surprising but your ‘Side Bars’ are MORE surprising, lol. I hope you don’t find my dirt, lol.

    Still, I enjoy your info…

    Mr. World “FAMOUS”
    INF Media Group, LLC

  5. first of all. I am LMAO at the Frankie lookin like a 13 yr old boy, comment… that shyt is funny……..Please will somebody tell 50 to get back with Dre and EM and make some more up in da club joints..and quit trippin…He aint gone be satisfied till somebody whoop his azz….Erykah, has serious condom issues………..and as far as Vivica goes. Plastic surgery is expensive…..HOLLAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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