Obama Fires Off On Wallstreet


Obama has been quiet for far too long.  Yesterday, he finally had to ask the Wall Street fat cats “Who’s your daddy?”  He had to unleash on them with as much reserve as he could muster to convey how irresponsible it is to receive $18 billion dollars in bonuses in our faces.  The country is spiraling into an abyss of debt, yet they are able to give themselves the same bonuses they received in 2004.  For some reason it appears that time has stood still for them. They don’t see the economy unfolding, yet they are at the helm of it.Are we, the taxpayers, the only group noticing that this is blatant Bush-isms haunting us after his governmental demise?  Bush and his cronies may have put this machine into motion before he left office.  What other ticking time bombs has he left behind for Obama because surely these bonuses were a promise to these employees that has been kept. 

Look at the private jet that Obama had to tell his children at Citigroup to put back the other day.  The audacity of these characters are like children who press your buttons to see how far they can go.  But, one thing for sure, the U.S. is living in days of economic peril and the strangest things have happened recently.  These CEO’s better watch their backs because the citizens of this country are becoming vigilantes and may take a postal position on what Obama is trying to delicately navigate.  Full details available here, but you have to read between the lines to put together your conspiracy theories.

Check out this video that, to me, sums up exactly what Obama is experiencing in his first 100 days.  But, the good part is, he knows how to effectively handle himself.   

 President Obama speaks to big business as he assumes his position in the White House.

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