FDA Dropped The Ball On Food Safety


 The state of Georgia is in a state of emergency now that all its dirty secrets have been revealed.  The Peanut Corporation of America has been sending peanut butter and other peanut byproducts out to the masses tainted with Salmonella.  The reports of dirty containers in the plant were all discovered in October, yet there had not been an inspector to follow-up on a order to “clean up” until this month.

People are getting sick and some have even died from the contaminated peanut butter.  But the larger story here is the checks and balances that have not been checked nor balanced.  The FDA has yet to openly acknowledge their role in the outbreak, but clearly if the state inspectors were forced to inforce their rules and regulations this would have never happened.  The report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, points out the fact that “even when inspections reveal violations of food safety laws, the state rarely imposes fines, records show.”

And here we are worried sick about eating at fast food restaurants and the food we’re getting at the grocery store is under attack.  I guess that means no peanut butter and jelly for the kiddies.  Another report said that the peanut butter in generics is the tainted batch and the name brands are probably okay.  Now the ramifications of that is the children and senior citizens are receiving this peanut butter to the daycares and hospitals where they are.  Once again, the little man gets it in the end.  Read here to see just how angry you should be.

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