Daughter Reports Dad’s Abuse of Sister


Another monster has been captured; this time in Missouri.  The monster impregnated his daughter 4 times over the six-year period he assaulted her. The abuse started when she was 13 and she is now 19-years old.  The sister couldn’t take it anymore and went to authorities once she turned 18.  Obviously, the daughters were completely terrified and scared for their lives, but her reason for not coming forward sooner was that she didn’t want to be taken out of the home and sent to the state. 

 The next item of intrigue immediately goes to the mother.  People always want to know how this type of barbaric action could happen and happen often with the mother present.  The monster and his wife, both 47, were both arraigned and the mother is free on bond. The father was given a bond of $500,000.  Why he was given a bond at all is beyond reason.  The judicial system, as it pertains to sexual predators, must be completely revamped. 

The horror that this girl has been subjected to is unfathomable and horrendous to say the least.  None of their lives will be outside of this misery inflicted on them.  This young girl has had 4 children by her father, and three of them mysteriously dead.  They have a 3-year old that– since all of this information has been provided –has been taken by the state.

Read the details here and answer the questions that still stump us regarding this case.  Why wouldn’t they want to be taken out of the home?  Why is the mother free on bond?  Why did the father get bond at all?  And how did all of these children die? 

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  1. WHY ASK WHY…first of all most abused choose to stay with the abusers…it’s what they know!!

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