The Catholic Priests Investigated Again


 The Catholic faith should’ve done serious damage control after paying out almost a billion dollars in lawsuits against them in recent years.  But, the latest investigation is the residuals of past cases.  A cardinal and the archdiocese in Los Angeles is being investigated for an alleged cover-up.

The involvement of said Cardinal is up for debate as his lawyer is denying that he is a part of the investigation.  But, the archdiocese, well, that’s another story.  The investigation is attempting to prove foul play on behalf of the church.  They conclude that the priests were covering up the sexual abuse of the minors, which suggests that they were aware of the priest’s activities.  Some of the rulings had been reversed by the Supreme Court saying that the cases exceeded the statute of limitations. 

Surely, the catholic church assumed that after they paid the bill that all of this was over.  But, the weight of these atrocious events of abuse could not be so easily lifted from the accountability of the church.  The walls of Jericho –or in this case the Vatican– must first come tumbling down.   Read here to see how the judicial system is getting the ball rolling toward the Catholic church again.

One thought on “The Catholic Priests Investigated Again”

  1. Have you read wht Cardinal Mahoney is being charged with…. “Failure to provide honset services”.

    The charge of “not providig honest services” is vague to the point of being Stalinist. It can mean anything a prosececutor wants. Charges like this have a huge potential to be used as weapons to be used against real and imaginary political/social opponents.

    Hmm…. who else has not provided uhmm… “honest services”? The Republicans, The Democrats, The Southerern Baptist Convention, Saddle Back Church, the ACLU or Planned Parenthood?

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