Mississippi Mayor Defrauded Katrina


Three years later, Hurricane Katrina has residents living in trailers, half fixing on their homes, with the others becoming a sort of modern diaspora, being dispersed throughout the country.  Now, of all things, a mayor has lied to authorities about damage in his city and used the money to fix an investment home he owns.

Him and his wife reportedly pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud. They will not get away with this though.  There will not be any stone unturned to reveal the improprieties of a man who would involve himself in such an act.  People all about him were struggling and he took the money and fixed damaged beachfront property that looks to be a mansion.

And not only does he plead not guilty he has taken a page from Rod Blagojevich’s playbook and has refused to step down as mayor.  Read here so you can see his face and call Ray Ray and ‘nem…they know what to do.

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