Miss World Finalist Dead After Amputation

Mariana Bridi da Costa

A young woman’s dreams have been dashed at the age of 20 after becoming infected with a rare disease.  The young woman was a finalist that was going to represent Brazil in the Miss World competition.  The model was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that seemed to rapidly worsen resulting in an infection that is extremely resistant to most antibiotics.

The medical team went up and beyond the call of duty to try and save her.  They removed part of her stomach, her kidneys, and amputated her hands and feet.  Personally, I don’t know who would’ve wanted to live through that sort of invasive medical procedure after being a beauty queen and your bread and butter is in glamour.  But that’s just me.  Some people may see the spiritual high road of living through all of that and feeling the blessing of life itself.  Which are you?

Read here about the tragic rise and fall of this beautiful woman.

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