Dishin’ Dirt on Case, Terrell Owens, T.I. and Fabulous…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Old School R&B singer Case is getting ready for a comeback!  The veteran crooner is set to release his new CD “The Rose Experience” on March 24.  Now I know many of you all are wondering who in the HECK gave him a record deal…a SECOND time but this time around he is releasing the CD on his own imprint, Indigo Blue Records.  Even though I have never been a “huge” Case fan, I wish him much success. 


Okay y’all, T.I. done lost his mind.  According to some photos found on MediaTakeout, this fool done stripped while performing and caused a group of “dehydrated”, EXTRA “thirsty” tricks to go crazy and start reaching for his “jewels.”  Now, I’m a fan of T.I.P. just like the next person but let’s face it…he is far from a sex symbol.  First of all, he is EXTRA petite weighing in at a SOLID 92lbs soaking wet.  Not only that, he has SEVERAL kids by a couple of different women, thus making him EXTRA unappealing.  Lastly, that joker got a BUSH that says “EXTRA MUSTY” and that is just gross.  I can smell him through my computer screen.


Side Bar-T.I. if you are out there, can you just keep some stuff a secret??!  Please know that a public display of NAPPY pubic hair is SOOOOO NOT SEXY.  Nuff said…

Chris Lighty

According to the NY Post, 50 Cent’s manager Chris Lighty is one of the victims of Bernie Madoff.  In case y’all been under a rock, Madoff is the Wall Street investor dude who robbed rich folk of an estimated $50 Billion in a Ponzi scheme.  Chris won’t tell how much he lost, but he has got to really feel like an azz for being “took” by “the man.”  Chris is the founder of Violator Management and manages such high profile artist like LL Cool J, Missy Elliott and P. Diddy to name a few.  Click here for the full story…

50 Cent

Side Bar– Y’all this craziness could happen to anybody.  A word to the wise…DIVERSIFY!  Don’t invest all of your loot in one company or with one investor.  Nuff said…


The number one thing to do when you are balling on a budget is…drum roll please…MAKE SURE YOUR CREDIT CARDS WORK!!  Y’all, rapper Fabolous went to a restaurant with an entourage of 20 and tried to pay the bill with FIVE different credit cards and they all DECLINED!  It’s a good thing those rapper types carry cash.  Whew…


Side Bar-He may need to sell one of them chains on his neck and pay off one of those credit cards!


T.O.'s Bug

Y’all somebody done gave Terrell Owens “FABULOUS” self a reality show.  Let’s be real, we all know it was VH1.  Now I ain’t tryin’ to be funny but I was so over him when he did an episode of cribs and showed the WORLD his convertible Volkswagen Bug with 20 inch rims.  Other than the fact that he spends a WHOLE lot of time in the ATL and is a TEAR DROPPING CRY BABY, that Volkswagen Bug let me know that he was “REAL FABULOUS.”  Y’all know I’m telling the truth.  Check out one of his crying episodes here. 


Side Bar-Although he ain’t checkin’ for me I must say that he does have a beautiful smile and NICE abs.

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back!



6 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Case, Terrell Owens, T.I. and Fabulous…”

  1. I wish Case well, as well he’s been trying long enough so it’s about time more than two people hear his music. You know I was wondering what that damp, musky odor was around my computer, I checked under my desk for my boots and I thought that doesn’t smell like feet it smells like—then I saw T.I.’s picture….

  2. #1 never been a real case fan…i do know he was Mary j.blige’s supposedly rebound lover after K.C…and he did a brief tour with his only hit (Touch me, Tease me) along with Genuwine, Tyrese, and some one else…hope dude make some money and the right investment..because here today gone tomorrow

    #2 yo that pic of T.I. is bruhahahaha…dude chest smoothly blends into his stomach with NO!! diffintion can you say snake man build…and the afro was just nasty…Tiny must be as nasty lettin her man run around with a high top fade on the jammy joint

    #3 I feel bad for dude trying to make a good investment only to get ripped off and a $50 billion dollar scam…damn…well bankers have been at the helm of Evil since the good ole’ western days….

    #4 Livin Ghetto Fabolous caught up to Fabolous…DAMN!!!! 20 freeloaders……..dude…that’s why you circulate with cats that wanna pick up the tab while you just chill with them…if each of them hungry bastards chipped in $20 and where you go eat please dont say the ghetto 5star resturant..RED LOBSTERS…ohhh pay you bills dude credit aint nothin to mess with hell you cant even get a job nowadays with bad credit…

    #5 yo no homo.but T.O. make a brahhh go damnnnnnn!!! gotta get in the gym to get my grown and sexy on…and i aint mad about the VW bug…he proves that ballin aint gotta be about the $250.000.00 car….people been hatin on him ever since he decided not to be a tool and just play the politically correct thing to say………..he spoke the truth about his former team and made them step up t the plate it wasnt nothing that we wasnt saying already…..

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