Father Kills Family Over Loss of Job

Lupoe family

 CNN is reporting an unbelievable tragedy this morning out of Los Angeles, Ca.  The grisly details of a man and his wife who lost their jobs with Kaiser Permanente stain the consciousness of us all as the unemployment numbers continue to climb.  The man killed his family of 5 children including two sets of twins ages 5 and 2, an 8-year old daughter and his wife.  The seemed to carefully plan his moves as he sent a fax to the local TV station and called 911.  The note he left behind detailed the employment dilemma he and his wife were experiencing.

As we are preparing for what President Obama calls “getting worse before it gets better,” are we suggesting to the world that we are too weak to be broke?  When did that happen? A lot of us have struggled before and are struggling again.  We don’t come home and extinguish the flames of our hopes and dreams in a desperate rampage.  Don’t you secretly pray that there was more to this story than is being reported?  We don’t want to believe that such a drastic decision could be made purely because of unemployment and the thought of mounting debt.

Kaiser Permanente isn’t commenting on the reason the couple was fired, but they submitted a statement showing their support of employees affected by the tragedy.  Unfortunately, this unstable father is not unusual.  This is the second family-suicide out of the Los Angeles area in just 3 months.  A man killed his family of five in October, including his mother-in-law, wife and three sons, one of which was a Fulbright scholar and honor student at UCLA. 

Our prayers go out to these families.  More of the story is detailed here.

5 thoughts on “Father Kills Family Over Loss of Job”

  1. This man is a coward! For someone to kill ther entire family (let alone his children) is a complete moron and should rot in hell. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. There are millions of people that have loss their jobs due the this failing economy – but people aren’t prone to kill their love ones (I am sure their are exception, though). Jobs are still prevalent – some may not be worthy of his capabilities – but still he would have the ability to bring home a paycheck. Plus I am sure this fool could have signed up for unemployment, too! This is so appalling on so many scales! My heart and prayers go out to the lives that man ha touched with his callous act! One more minion for the devil —> this is really scary !~

  2. Timmdogg, completely agree with you. That man had a devil in him. He was a selfish coward that didn’t believe in God.

  3. These are the times that try mens souls, God have mercy on us all. Read the book of Matthew. These are just the beggining of labor pains……

  4. my prayers and support go out to this family i am praying for everyone in that family!

  5. God’s word said “never will I leave you or forsake you” and it is easier to say that than it is to believe and he must have been overtaken by the fact that they both lost their jobs and could not see God anywhere. The burden they had for the lost of a job creates a bigger burden for the family….7 people lost their life and sad to say only 5 or 6 will have eternal life. God be with the family

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