Dishin’ Dirt on Kelly Rowland, Mathew Knowles, Monica, Rocko, Dame Dash and Jay Z…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Kelly Rowland and Matthew Knowles

Rumor has it that Kelly Rowland gave Mathew Knowles his walking papers.  According to my sources, after a HUGE argument, Kelly gave Matt da BOOT!  I’ll bet it has to do with the fact that her last CD went “coaster.”  What ever the case, he is no longer her “manager.”

Side Bar-It’s about darn time!!  She should have fired his azz 10 years ago when he had her rockin’ a burgundy bob lookin’ a fool.  Y’all know I’m tellin’ the truth…

Smooth Magazine Cover

Jackie O is on the cover of Smooth Magazine next month looking like a stripper/ prostitute.  I guess Lil’ Kim set the tempo for the foolishness.  Jackie O is a beautiful young lady but she did not have to go there.  Getting naked should be the last step before going to Koch Records … AKA … Rapper Retirement.  Then again, yes she did.  Her career needed to be resuscitated.  In fact, I can’t even sing the hook to ANY Jackie O song.  That is just how WHACK she is.  Nuff said…

Monica and Rocko

Monica’s fiancé the rapper Rocko has been sentenced to 12 months probation, 48 hours in jail and community service after he pleaded no contest for beating up on some chick back in early 2008.  Rocko if you are out there, please know that hitting a woman is SO VERY unattractive!!

Side Bar-Monica, if you are out there, I just have one question … When is the wedding?  Y’all been getting married for the last few years.  You done gave birth to two of his children and still no marriage.  Hmmm … I’m guessing that Steve Harvey’s book is in order.  I will be sending it to you express mail.  Nuff said…

Puff, Jay Z and Aaliyah

Okay y’all what is it with folks disrespecting the dead??  First the Biggie/ Lil’ Kim foolishness and now the Aaliyah/ Dame Dash/ Jay Z craziness! While filming the upcoming Roc-a-fella documentary, rumor has it that one of the main reasons of the Dame Dash/ Jay Z fallout was because of Aaliyah.  According to the rumors, Aaliyah was a “jump off” for both Jay and Dame.  Why this is coming out NOW, is beyond me.  Personally, I think it is a ploy from Dame to get people interested in the upcoming documentary … thus increasing his revenues … but that’s just me.  I could be wrong … but I doubt it.  Y’all know he’s broke.  On the real, it is disrespectful!!  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl!



3 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Kelly Rowland, Mathew Knowles, Monica, Rocko, Dame Dash and Jay Z…”

  1. I don’t have a problem with her posing for that mag, but look at what’s posted next to her hindparts. I don’t think that our female ancestors had this in mind, while being part of Black History.

  2. Why can’t they just let Aaliyah Rest In Peace. This is so ridiculous!!! and as far as Kelly goes, I’m happy she woke up now it’s Michelle’s turn.

  3. Keep these updates on her coming. Aaliyah was a great musician. A celebrity I both admire and will never forget. It’s such a shame what happened to her. The popart painting I bought of her is stunning and will be hung on my wall forever!

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