Ashford & Simpson Bring Back ‘The Real Thing’


 Some of the hottest music we remember from back in the day is from Ashford and Simpson.  The dynamic duo has one of the most extraordinary music careers in the music business.  If they didn’t sing it themselves, they usually penned and composed it for someone else.  For instance, Diana Ross’ biggest songs, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” are featured on the disc along with their performed hits “Found A Cure” and “Solid”.

The good music that is on the new set features 14 greatest hits with over 65 minutes of live performance as well as a link providing access to ringtones, audio and video streams, and links to purchase recordings of Ashford and Simpson songs that have been recorded by other artists and never-before seen interviews. The Real Thing DVD and Blu Ray contains over 90 minutes of concert performances that include 18 of their greatest hits filmed in HD video and surround sound digital audio. Check them out:

One thought on “Ashford & Simpson Bring Back ‘The Real Thing’”

  1. “It seems to hang on” has always been a favorite of mine….’loose me, loose me, loose me FREEYAH!! Most of the so-called mess today can’t touch what A&S has done, even on a bad day!

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