John Forte Says “Life Has Just Begun”

John Forte

If you’re not familiar with John Forte, he’s a rapper and producer that produced songs on the Fugees groundbreaking album “The Score.”  He also released a couple albums, but his musical fortune was soon squandered by disastrous album sales and he hit a rough patch.  He caught a drug charge that landed him a 14-year stint at Pennsylvania’s low security Loretto federal prison.  But his story did not end there.  The story of his life would prevent that from being anywhere near the end.Forte was known for his musical ability, so much so that he he won a full scholarship to one of the best boarding schools in the country, Phillips Exeter Academy located in New Hampshire, where he studied violin.  He graduated in 1993, and also briefly attended New York University.  While at Exeter, John made a few friends.  One of them being Carly Simon’s son, Ben Taylor (her son with James Taylor).  And somehow he was also befriended by Sen. Orrin Hatch.  Who knew?

Well, he was pardoned by George W. Bush in November 2008 and it appears that he hasn’t let any grass grow under his feet, nor has he allowed his “gifts” to fade.  Yesterday, a new song from the newly released musician appeared online.  Enjoy his music…and his journey:

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