Children In Black Community Are Jailed Without Bars


 The children nowadays have so much more to contend with than we did.  We could eat candy all day long and top it off with big mama’s soul food at dinner time.  But not now, the tides of change have erased all of that.  The parents these days are buying fast food for dinner and/or lunch and not only that making sure they have goodies around the house to snack on.

But, the children aren’t playing all day and staying out till the streetlights come on.  The schools aren’t giving recess for at least 15 minutes and the children according to a report in MSNBC are suffering because of it.  Not only that, the fast food and candy is welling up around their hips and butts and causing a national health scare for obese children.  All of us have to be diligent about what our children consume and let them know, “If you want this cookie, give me 3 laps around the house.”  The more we encourage fitness, the less we have to deal with visits to the doctor.’

But what is the answer when their community doesn’t even allow something as simple as a walk outside?  In addition to the fundamental need for more recess at school, MSNBC  has released a report that shows that black children are disproportionately caught inside the house because the communities they live and go to school in are not conducive for recess or for just going for a walk in the neighborhood.  Apparently, the violence in low income communities is akin to being black.  And the behavior issues our children have in school are attributed to the lack of recess and/or freedom to move about.

How do we get out from under these issues that tend to incarcerate our children without them committing a crime?  The dreams and ideas they will have will be parochial at best.  Check out the report and let’s figure out something now that Bush is gone.

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  1. I agree with you. When I was in school, we had recess until 3rd grade, and after lunch we had at least 30 minutes to play, more if you didn’t eat the mystery lunch. Now my children are allowed on 20 minutes to eat, no after lunch recess, nor morning recess for primary students either. My 14 year old son recently went to the store with his cousins, and was subsequently arrested following an what the undercover police called an agressive stop and search in an area known for narcotic and gang activity. He was only going to the grocery store in his OWN neighborhood. The main street that the grocery stores are on is unfortunately a hot spot for the police to label our youth as loitering. The Walgreens that was around the corner from my house has been closed now for almost 2 years. We have no other stores in walking distance. So our youth today not only can’t walk or ride their bikes in their neighborhood for fear of getting stopped by the police, or local thugs in the neighborhood trying to take something from them. It is really sad.

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