Wealthy Men Give Women More Orgasms


Before I can even get to the scientific research on this topic, let’s just be clear, that the information collected in this survey was done in China and not in the U.S.  That being said, women everywhere in the U.S. can stop standing up with their hand on their hip saying, “You’re a damn lie!”

Now I don’t know if this makes the women in America less able to choose a caregiver or if the social science in America dictates that men want to be pampered even more if they have money.  But in China, the men are dishing out orgasms and choosing their women based on the loyalty that their orgasms suggest. Scientifically, the report states that there is no conclusive information on what a woman’s orgasm provides outside of heightened arousal because orgasm or not, she’s always able to be impregnated.

I don’t know about other men in the U.S., but from my amateur research it has been determined that more women testify to the fact that with black men the lower the income or broker their man is, the better lover he is.   Some of the most dishonest, non-job having, toting 15 baby mamas and paying no child support and will steal your car and ask you for money, are the best pipe layers in the world.  This survey has been taken in: Michigan, the entire East Coast, Oakland, Ca., Atlanta, Ga., Florida, and Chicago, Ill.

The science of why this phenomena is happening is inconclusive, but it appears that the lack of resources finds the man unfettered by responsibilities that come with having resources.  Most women agree that there’s no use beating on a hollow tree, so the man is, in most cases, carefree and more able to produce an optimal sexual experience.  It provides a sense of accomplishment to the man as well as a woman that will be more willing to take care of him and/or put up with his economic drought.

Readthe science that the british TimesOnline is reporting, but it has no bearing on what’s going on in America.

-J.C. Brooks

9 thoughts on “Wealthy Men Give Women More Orgasms”

  1. … I must concur with the review. Recall some old movies like “baby boy” and watch daytime shows like Maury P… woman luvvvvvv the broke ones and some take care of them!

    my thoughts… 🙂

  2. Very interesting, and I agree. Most lower income areas of the country tend to be more sexually active because of a huge lack of resources. This is especially true in the south(NC,SC,ATL). With limited funding,lower income, and poverty stricken areas there are not as many outlets for black male youths ..So the sexual prowess becomes a dominant factor for men and women ,and lots of baby mama toting. However, those who are from the hood like myself (Bklyn,NY) ,I can truly say I havent had any complaints with my sexual relations with any women to reach that climatic point ! Bottom line you have to know how to work it …..if not your woman would let you know real fast ! I make plenty of paper, but glad and satisfied to know that she pays me !

  3. This is the biggest nonsense I have seen in a long time. Generally, poor women end up with poor men and not rich ones so its comparing apples and oranges. I can’t believe I took the time to comment on this but what the heck!!

  4. I agree with Rhonda… What a waste of money and somebody’s time. Who cares anyway? What are they going to do with this information now that the money is spent? It’s just good for those little boys in that picture’s ego… and they need to pull up their pants!!! Yes,,, they are little boys…. Decent grown men don’t go around with their draaws hanging out.

    JB quit laughing at me… It’s the truth LOL

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