Is Black In?

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All of a sudden people are acting as if  Black were out.  It was always in!  There hasn’t been a moment that I’ve been living that I haven’t felt that those who are not black didn’t want to be black.  For decades, rappers have talked about how there has been hordes of young white folks making a mass exodus out of their communities and selling out their concerts.

The change that is happening in our society now is the acceptance of black culture or black skin.  But the love of our physical appearance has always been there.  There wouldn’t be any such thing as a tanning bed if it weren’t for the love.  Why the need for Botox?  Why the major focus on the big butt lately?  What’s up with the collagen shots to the lips?

James Brown has got to be the first artist I’ve known to tell the world, “I’m black and I’m proud!” Unapologetically, with no caveat.  He was black and he was proud and we chimed in.  No commercialism in sight.  No money to be made.  It was just a few words that gave us a different posture and/or sense of well-being.

What is your blackness story?  Did someone spit in your eye and make you feel bad about being black or just the opposite?  Now that your President is a man of color, what are the changes you see?

One thought on “Is Black In?”

  1. THis is true. Since the 50s (at least!) young white people have been flocking to black culture – especially the music. But the slang, the dress – everything. It was something they loved in youth, then eschewed in adulthood because they knew that they could and that they should assimilate and be right (white).
    But the newer generation is simply not tuning out so readily as they get older. They are holding on to their love of black culture and are less ashamed about it.
    Good for them. Good for us, in that there’s a lil less bullshit we got to take – but you’re right.
    Black always been in style. ‘Cause we got undeniable style. and Beauty.
    We should be very proud!

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