Dishin’ Dirt on Michael Jai White, Charlie’s Angels, Meagan Goode, Mary Kate & Ashley and Chanel Iman…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White and his wife recently gave birth to a baby girl by the name of Morgan Michelle.  Yada, yada, yada…we are happy for Mike and all but you know I have to give you the dirt.  Why did this fool do an interview with telling them that his wife proposed to him?!  Initially I thought that maybe he was exaggerating but he wasn’t.  According to she got down on one knee at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY and proposed to him.  You can check out the article here.

Michael Jai White and family

Side Bar– Ladies, school is in session so listen up.  I know this is the 21stcentury and all, but can we PU-LEASE let a man be a man?  He all up and through the Cheesecake Factory cryin’ and what not…all the while rockin’ an engagement ring!!  Now I ain’t sayin’ that Michael Jai White is a beeotch…but I am saying that one would say that he may have some beeeotch tendencies.  You do the math!  Nuff said!  The school bell has rung and class is dismissed.


Y’all Tyra has a new protégé and her name is Chanel Iman and she is a woman of color!  Okay, here is the dirt…she done dated errrybody from Kanye West to Ryan Leslie.  Hmmm…next we’re go’on be hearing that she was kicking it at an after party with Tyler Perry.  Nuff said…

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Star

Okay y’all, this ain’t got nothing to do with nothin’ but WHY did some of the crazy anti-fur people vandalize Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star??!  Today they vandalize a car and tomorrow they are throwing paint on some unsuspecting chick on the street…but trust it won’t be me. 

Mary Kate and Ashley

Side Bar-I mean really, if you look at Mary Kate and Ashley you would know that only one mink had to die in order to make both their coats…and I am sure it died of natural causes.

Charlie's ANgels

Is the world ready for Charlie’s Angels 3??  Heck yeah, if they can add a black “Angel”.  According to Drew Barrymore, they are working out the kinks for the third installment.  Rumor has it that they are going to add a fourth “Angel” to the mix and it was suggested that they add Meagan Fox.  However, if you ask me, Megan Goode will do just fine!!

Meagan Goode

Side Bar-I know Drew is happy to be doing a third installation of Charlie’s Angels seeing that the franchise has brought in somewhere around $545 Million Dollars!  Can I borrow a DOLLAR?!

That’s all the dirt for now. 



3 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Michael Jai White, Charlie’s Angels, Meagan Goode, Mary Kate & Ashley and Chanel Iman…”

  1. Funny there was an article a few years back in Ebony about whether/when you should propose to your man, I thought it was interesting but I’m old fashion and even if I did, I don’t think I’d get down on my knee with a ring perhaps a little Hey let’s get married! in the privacu of your own home so if he says know no your face won’t be too cracked and you can kick him out.. LOL. PETA is getting out of hand as they say why are animals so tasty and made out of fur if they weren’t meant for that purpose, plus too many animals can muck up an ecosystem pretty good, look at US Air—dang birds! I do wish PETA would use at least half that zeal to help less fortunate humans, if they did that most of the hunger, poverty and education problems qould likely be solved.

  2. Regardless, Michael Jai White is 1 of the finest men on this planet! He has been one of the few on “my fantasy man list” since Spawn. Very handsome & I love the gap-toothed smile. Congrats for the little one.

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