Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly Chastise Jay-Z and Young Jeezy

Hip-Hop was caught slippin’ under the conservative microscope of Bill O’Reilly.  Rap mogul Jay-Z and Young Jeezy (who Miller unaffectionately refers to as “emphysema”) was caught “expressing their happiness” over the inauguration of our new President.  It’s no secret that he’s black, but they needed to interpret that in a gangster fashion for the enjoyment of their crowd.  By the end of this segment of his show, O’Reilly suggests Miller have Young Jeezy over to his home to “talk some sense into him.”

Not only did they share their “joy” about President Obama, but they made sure they did just the opposite for Bush.     Of course the language used would be unacceptable for Malia or Sasha to hear and O’Reilly may be correct in saying that President Obama would not approve of this message.  If we had to go on his past record, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy are going to be officially denounced by his administration.  Check out the rant that Bill O’Reilly says Jay-Z “should’ve known better” than to perform:

One thought on “Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly Chastise Jay-Z and Young Jeezy”

  1. This is again, soooo stupid! Just like i don’t care what Jay & Jeezy have to say.. I COULD CARE EVEN LESS ABOUT WHAT O’REILLY & MILLER SAY! Bill O’Reilly even having Dennis Millier (a comedian) on his show to discuss political views is insane by itself. They remind me of southerners that hang on to the Confederate flag. GET OVER IT.. YOU LOST!!!!

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