Nashville Demands Government Become “English Only”


It seems there is some dissension in the ranks as we position ourselves as a more United States.  The city of Nashville, thought it necessary that they exclude any other languages from governmental communication and become an “English Only” town.  Incidentally,   the vote was nearly half and half which made the legislation a real debatable issue that nearly passed into law.

The interesting thing is that 30 other states have already established English as their official language, according to the executive director of ProEnglish.  That piece of information was enlightening as it doesn’t seem necessary to have to pronounce that you’re an English speaking state when you live in the U.S.?

Is the English language going to become a point of contention as more and more whites feel they are becoming an endangered species in America?  Or is it going to become an issue because we all speak english and businesses opened in our communities still aren’t run by us, but by those whose first language is not English?  Coming from a past of discrimination it almost seems racist for African Americans to voice any kind of support on this issue.  What do you think?  Read here for the full details.

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