Favorite Stores Close Their Doors


The recession must’ve officially kicked off for 2009.  Just when we didn’t think it could get any worse, places like Circuit City announce they are closing their doors.  Unfortunately, they are not alone.  They are only one of a list of chains that are either closing their doors or are threatening bankruptcy this year.

Forbes reported that women surveyed by America’s Research Group said they weren’t planning any clothing purchases.  Normally, the survey’s results are more like 4%, but this time it’s a big fat zero.  Which they equate to the retail market being overwhelmed with stores.

We don’t want some of you to be alarmed by what you are getting ready to see and read, so we must provide a disclaimer: 

If you are a clinical or self-proclaimed shopaholic the graphic list of stores attached to this report may cause violent outbursts or unpredictable reactions resulting in fainting, vertigo or anger.  It is not recommended that you continue to the following link.

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