Dishin’ Dirt on D’Angelo, Aubrey O’Day, Michael Vick and Former Atlanta Falcon Shane Dronett…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


D’Angelo is BACK!!  He has a new CD entitled James-River Project, slated to come out this summer.  Rumor has it that he has a few “collabos” with CeeLo Green (Gnarls Barkley), Raphael Saadiq (Tony, Toni, Tone), John Mayer and Roy Hargrove.  Although there was once a time in my life that I was madly in love with “D,” I have since moved on.  As much as I hate to admit it, I ain’t one of those down azz chicks.  I ain’t willing to stick around and wait on a joker to let go of his “addiction” and loose 50 or 100lbs.  Therefore, “D” will have to come back STRONG before I am willing to rekindle our relationship.

Side Bar-All I wanna know is who turned D’Angelo out.  He was once all FYNE and what not and the next thing you know he is a hundred pounds overweight and getting arrested for driving under the influence … and it wasn’t weed!  Maybe it was that “STONE” love.  Y’all know who and what I am talkin’ about.  Nuff said…

aubrey o'day

Rumor has it that Aubrey O’Day, formerly of Danity Kane is posing NAKED in Playboy’s March 2009 issue.  That ain’t the shocking part either.  The shocker is that Heff paid her $500,000 to do it!!  On the real, who wants to see that lil’ plastic white girl naked??  Her body ain’t been real since 2007.  She has officially become the “black” Lil’ Kim.  Don’t be actin’ like y’all ain’t notice that Lil’ Kim is three shades lighter than she was back in 1997.  Y’all know I’m tellin’ the truth…


Okay y’all, why don’t Akon know how old he is?  According to an interview with the Associated Press this fool claims that his age is somewhere between 25 and 35.  The 31 year old (according to his U.S. birth certificate) claims that in Senegal (where he was raised) age isn’t important so he never knew how old he was.  Hmmmm…that whole “ignorance is bliss” thing is overrated.  That’s probably why his azz was caught grinding on that 15 year old.  Nuff said…

Akon and two young chicks

Side Bar-Akon, could you have just let me assume that you were a dumb azz before proving me right?

Y’all PETA done reneged on their TV offer to Michael Vick.  They agreed to shoot an anti-dog fighting PSA with Vick once he was released from prison but it ain’t goin’ down.  Apparently Vick’s reps wanted PETA endorse Vick’s going back to the NFL but PETA ain’t havin’ it.  In fact, PETA wants Vick to undergo a BRAIN SCAN and a full psychiatric evaluation.

Side Bar-Y’all I love animals as much as the next person but Mike done paid his debt to society.  Let the brotha get his job back.  Y’all know he needs the money to support his mama ‘nem.

Speaking of the Falcons, on a sad note Ex-Atlanta Falcon Shane Dronett was found dead in his home from an apparent suicide.  The investigation is still ongoing so I will keep you all abreast as I find out more details.  Dronett 38, was a defensive tackle for the Falcons from 1996 until 2002.  He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

Holla back at your girl!



6 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on D’Angelo, Aubrey O’Day, Michael Vick and Former Atlanta Falcon Shane Dronett…”

  1. Maybe D’Angelo is suffering from the same syndrome they accuse some big girls have (I DON”T but I’ve heard…) they some are afraid of their sexuality (usually in abuse cases) so they eat to cover their bodies in fat to be less attractive or attract attention. Or maybe dude liked to eat and didn’t feel like doing all that excercise to maintain the smoking body…happens to the best of us.

  2. Was he on crack because every person I know that was on that stuff and got off, became fat. They blew up even if they were thin all their lives. But for real tho, what happend to the pretty, brown, sweet, sugar of a man. I know some men gain a little weight as they get older, but damn he fat and nasty lookin on the picture. He was so fine that no matter how old he got, he would look sexy and age well. I absolutely can not believe the major comparison I see in those 2 pictures of the same man. This one girl said that listening to one of Angie Stone’s songs, he must be receiving his Karma. Get it together D’Angelo. Love her, but what did Angie B do to YOU?

  3. Being born & raised in Richmond Virginia, I like the James River concept. All I know is back in 2004-2005, near his home in Chesterfield County, he was in a serious accident in a SUV. I assume he got out of shape because he was going through some legal issues at the time as well. Regardless, I remember how folks use to trip about Angie & him. She knew what was up, if she was LSLH (light skinned long hair), it would’ve never been a issue. I felt that for all we know, he was in love with her, the way she is.

  4. hi iam from morooco im studunt a like music akon akon akon akon akon akon and rihana

  5. He doesn’t deserve a job for what he did!!! Have you SEEN those pictures of those poor dogs! They didn’t deserve what happened to them. He turned innocent souls into scared, harmful dogs. D:<

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