The President Takes Oath Again


The new President went to several Inaugural balls, walked the streets of D.C. in a parade, probably kissed 900 children and shook thousands of hands … all in a 24-hour period.  But then, what’s this?  He’s really not the President of the U.S.?  Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the oath during the Inauguration?  Wow.  A stellar career in law and no mistakes until now.  Hmmmmmmmmm.

President Obama had to rise and shine and take the oath all over again with Chief Justice Roberts.  This time, to a command performance with no mistakes.  But, Biden, (who I secretly call Clinton … you know why) wasn’t having it.  He came up to the podium and made sure that Roberts knew that he didn’t appreciate what may be construed as sinister actions.

Brian Williams reported on NBC that there might be an inkling of tension between the two because President Obama (I love saying that) wouldn’t vote for his confirmation to return to the Supreme Court.  Nonetheless, he is somehow back on the job and getting a little stab in just like Bush and his team with the housing situation when Obama wanted to report to D.C. early to accommodate the girl’s school schedule.  Check out Biden.  He reminds me of my Uncle Leroy with this little jab:

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