Technology Takes Funerals Online


Have you ever been caught between your wallet and/or your job when you found out someone has died and you want to be there, but it doesn’t seem you can make it?  Or maybe you are serving in the military and are overseas when someone passes on.  Well, now there’s a solution to everybody’s dilemma. The Internet.  Once again, technology has stepped in and made something else “convenient” for us.

A funeral home in Ohio claims to offer the service for free, but if you look through all the costs some of those taxes or fees probably  cover it.  But, there’s several other funeral homes that offer the service and everyone’s not feeling so generous.  They let you know that there is a cost for the service.

Somehow though, it’s kinda strange that some religious organizations haven’t banded together to kill this idea.  Do you think that technology is out of control by offering such a service?  When it helps so many it seems to be a no-brainer that the service should be available to everyone.    But some might agree that this will take the energy and/or sanctity out of the ceremony.  Read here and get all the details.

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