Obama Plans To Reverse Abortion Rule


The new President faces so many obstacles to a happy economy and union that it can’t be any less than overwhelming.  One of his many issues is that of  Roe vs. Wade, the decision that legalized abortion in the U.S.   But now, he’s looking at reinstating that right in Mexico.  A federal organization makes it possible for them to get services from a place like Planned Parenthood and now they cannot because of U.S. legislation.

The “Mexico City policy” blocks Mexico from having an opportunity to get the funds from our federal organization that funds their agencies.  The policy began with Ronald Reagan and was held up by the Bush’s.  When Clinton came into office he dismantled it and now with Bush reinstating it in 2001 Barack is thinking far enough into the future to see why it is necessary.

 Read here to see how many people won’t be piled up in the F-150 or any other car if Obama doesn’t step in.

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