Obama Has A Long Lost Brother?


 If you were worried about President Obama having security issues, rest assured he’s thought of everything.  The President can just walk around freely wherever he wants and not have to worry because…you’re not really seeing him.  It’s his long lost brother from Indonesia.

No he doesn’t have a long lost brother, but there’s someone out there that could seriously pass for him.  I would be  surprised if his security team doesn’t approach the man with an opportunity to be on team Obama as a decoy.  Quick, someone do the math!  What’s the probability of someone looking just like you?

Check out the photo display here and call it for yourself.  You’ll see what I mean.

One thought on “Obama Has A Long Lost Brother?”

  1. This guy looks NOTHING like Pres. Obama. He actually may look like the Asian version.. but NOT the Black version. This isn’t a story.. NEXT!

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