Fiat Throws Lifeline to Chrysler


Fiat used to be a very popular sportscar manufacturer in the 1980s.  The Spider and Milan were at the top of the list.  Now, the exotic car maker has become the world’s eco-friendly car maker and is interested in coming stateside to invest in Chrysler…but not with money.

The Italian carmaker has become a leader in environmentally friendly vehicles and will offer Chrysler a chance to keep moving forward with their production.  Chrysler is staring bankruptcy in the eyes and looking forward to the merge and new environmentally responsible vehicles. 

Fiat may be able to take more of a stake in the company later, but for now 35 percent appears to be the deal. Read here to see the details that are still being hammered out between the companies.  We may see a Yugo-like vehicle come off the Chrysler production line soon.  Hey! Don’t laugh.  Time to cut corners.  Obama is counting on us to do the right thing.

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