Welcome, Barack Obama!


D.C. is upside down with millions preparing to stand and brave the cold winds of Inauguration day for our first black President.  If D.C. is having economical difficulty, they should get a real boost with just these few days.

The attendance promises millions to witness what is the biggest day in American history.  It’s understandable why so many would brave the cold, the crowds, and the barricades to be there.  The Metro subway system has already broken records for riders starting with Sunday.  According to FOX news the Metro counted “616,324.” 

The city is officially on lock down with all the barricades through all the major thoroughfares in the city as well as bridge closures from Virginia into the city.  Some roads between Maryland and the District are only available to buses.  No cars are allowed to come into the District through those routes.

So if you have loved ones there, pray that everyone gets home safely and that Barack Obama is sworn in without any ill will and difficulty.  Read here, to get further details on how D.C. is handling all of this. 

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