Kenya Celebrates Inauguration Day


The Kenyan people were the first to designate a day for Barack Obama.  Kenya is the home of his father’s people and they are as happy as we are that he is the new President of America.  But the expectations for the new President is dynamic.  According to Fox News, 46% of the population live in poverty, yet some only look to Barack Obama to set the proper example and not give them “handouts.”

Some are looking for Obama to merely create an infrastructure that keeps clean water and electricity in the country.  The world has their eyes on the Obama camp for something.  The hope of the world seems to be in his lap, but the Kenyans are keeping it all in perspective even while standing amongst the debris of their poverty.  Essentially, they only have love and admiration for what he is and has done.   Motivation is key and Obama has opened the lock to our futures. 

Read here and see how the Kenyan people have absorbed this phenomenal victory.

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