Businessman Sends Homeless To Ball


The inauguration is here and people have descended on the District to witness history.  So many people have come to the Capitol, but for most all they can afford is the winter winds and inconvenience of the immense attendance of the celebration.  Then there’s those who don’t have a warm coat or place to stay, but they are in the District just the same.  The only difference though is that they will be attending the balls.

Due to the generosity of a businessman, 700 people living in poverty will get the opportunity of a lifetime through his nonprofit and others as well as social service groups throughout the nation.  The ball they will attend is the People’s Inaugural Ball that his foundation raised money to organize.  Not only will they get the opportunity to attend inaugural balls, MSNBC reports that they have covered the cost of “hundreds of guest rooms, food and access to a heated, tented balcony overlooking President-elect Barack Obama’s parade route.”

This is an example of the circle of giving and caring that Obama is calling for in his campaign to liberate us from a past of restricted thinking.  The power of his campaign arrives tomorrow and so much is asked of him, but so many do not realize he is not the solution, we are.  We must remember to celebrate the works of this businessman and use his example in our lives to help those that we see are hurting right now.  Today represents the day that we chose to stand together for a better future for us all…no color restricted.  Read here to get an idea of what our “to do” list should include as we take our journey with our new President.

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