The Booty Chronicles

 Has anyone been paying attention to the stocks that have been going up lately?  They appear to be African American.  The image of African Americans have shot up over the years.   It has been apparent that a lot of, how can I say it, color deficient brothers and sisters run out to get a tan when at all possible.  But now, there’s been a few more upgrades, if you will. 



The plastic surgeons are giving more butt implants than ever.  In addition, trainers are being asked to give more butt lift training and it’s been working if any of you have taken a look at the white girls at the gym.  Myra Mendible, chairwoman of the Literature and Languages Department at Florida Gulf Coast University wrote an insightful article on the quest for the “booty” and all that the quest means about cultural loyalty.

This phenomena we’ve watched unfold has been put in perspective by this in-depth essay that will make you rethink the worth of the black image.  Maybe by the time you finish reading this article, black women will stop buying perms and weave and go all the way back to the roots.  Ok, I’m going too far.  Read here and be enlightened.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “The Booty Chronicles”

  1. This is why it’s important to love yourself how ever you look because this society changes their minds too much. It is was light skin, then proud to be black, afros and black fist, then back to light skin, then skinny body with little butt, thin nose, thin lips, and straight hair. Now EVERYBODY wants this big butt. Just learn to like what you got and work out to tone it up. Next thing you know society will change their minds again and switch back to flat azz. Then what?

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