Michigan Holds Shot Gun Weddings?


In the 21st century you would’ve thought that we would’ve done away with this sort of foolishness.  If a woman wants to be with a man and he wants to be with her is the only reasoning that should dictate a wedding.  But, not in Michigan.  Now it’s being reported that if the man impregnates a woman and they’re not married, then they’re coming after the hospital cost for delivery of the baby.That’s right.  They are going to start charging men for their baby’s delivery if they don’t agree to marry the woman or vice versa.   They claim that they’re being lenient by giving the man a choice.  He has an option of marrying her or paying the hospital bills.  All of this has come about because according to MSNBC, Michigan claims to be making an effort to “maintain the sanctity of marriage.” Well, it seems that in the face of those options, some are still opting for the bill. 

A forced marriage doesn’t do anything for the “sanctity” of marriage.  If anything it will destroy the very principles it is built on.  The people involved have to have a special commitment to one another outside of the responsibility of a child.  So many parents mess up by staying or being with someone because of the children rather than working on an amicable situation that makes the child most comfortable and knowledgeable of their parents.  Read here while you call and warn every man you know in the Michigan area.  One thing for sure, this new legislation should be a good form of birth control.

3 thoughts on “Michigan Holds Shot Gun Weddings?”

  1. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard before. How they say a man has to pay the hospital bill or marry the woman? I heard on the radio this morning that in 2005 69% of African American women who had babies were not married. First of all the economy is so bad. Who’s thinking about marriage there any? Time has changed since back in the day when men and women married because of their situation. People are crazy these days. You might end up with a monster of a husband or wife. STUPID I think

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