Detroit’s Top Lawyer Calls Courts “Ghetto”


 If you’re a fellow Detroiter, you know that 36th District Court is your one-stop shop for every legal issue known to man.  It has the reputation of being one of the largest and busiest courts in the U.S., “processing over 500,000 cases per year,” according to the court’s Web site.  Now, saying all that, imagine what might be seen on an average day in Detroit at the court where it all … goes… down.

Detroit’s top attorney decided she’d have her say during an ordinary day in the court while carrying out her official duties.  Allegedly, the caucasian attorney was tired of the actions of the administration and told another official that it was “acting like a ghetto court.”  In her defense, she explained that she was merely upset with the way Detroiters are treated at the court located in downtown Detroit.  The Detroit News reported that she stated that, “They treat people poorly … whether you are black or white. You just get less service than you get in the suburbs. It’s just a bad situation.”

Hold on a second.  Did you hear that?  I thought I heard some Detroiters say, “Amen.”  Because while her remarks are inappropriate and unprofessional, the explanation she gave for them may have merit.  The Chief District Judge Marilyn Atkins fired back with a formal complaint regarding the remarks saying, “You should really think before you speak, especially when referring to this court — a predominantly African American court in a predominantly African American city with an African American about to become president.”

Now come on Detroit!  Those of you who know about 36th District Court must speak out before Obama gets dragged any further into this.  One thing Detroit has not been known for, as of late, is an organized administration and thus 36th District Court.  As Judge Atkins so eloquently put it, we are coming into an age where the President is an African American who demands that we hold everyone accountable for their actions black or white or in between.  Are we finally going to start calling a spade a spade and stop hiding behind the race card?  Is this the age where we demand that we give our best and be all we can be? 

Looking at Barack Obama from the horizon I see the level of excellence that we are so proud of that represents us….right?  Isn’t that what we’re proud of as so many of us make our pilgrammage to D.C. to congratulate him and his family?  Isn’t our pride in the fact that this black man and his family represent the excellence that our children can aspire to?  Get honest with me Detroit and tell me what you think about the remarks that this white woman has made.  Are you going to let them evade the issues of 36th District Court because she’s white and out of line?  Everyone else, read here and tell us what you think?

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Top Lawyer Calls Courts “Ghetto””

  1. Are they saying Ghetto means African American? To say the court is Ghetto should have nothing to do with President Obama or any other African American for that matter.

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