Oakland’s Protests Get Violent


 It’s been a couple weeks since a young African American male, Oscar Grant, and father of a 4-year old daughter was shot and killed by a transit police officer in Oakland, Ca., yet the community supporting his family is still on fire.  The family has urged the public to support the family in a peaceful way, but it appears that this issue has surpassed Grant’s family and taken on another crusade.

The protesters have chanted things like, “I am Oscar Grant.”  Which further confirms that this issue is more of injustice rather than a crusade for his family.  His mom was quoted as saying, “I am begging the citizens to not use violent tactics, not to be angry…Oscar would not want to see all the violence going on.”  The cop that shot and killed Grant has been arrested, but that must not be enough.

Those assembled at the protest later erupted in anger and vandalized several cars and businesses.  Where do we draw the line?  Especially when the victim’s family isn’t interested in the tactics taken to support them.  Do you know anyone who was in the street acting a fool?  Tell us what’s happening out there from a lucid point-of-view.  The rest of you, read the latest updates here. 

One thought on “Oakland’s Protests Get Violent”

  1. I support “friendly” demonstrations!!! The outrage is understandable but don’t destroy your neighborhood – it might not be restored. And don’t destroy others because you might be arrested for that.

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