Nike Celebrates Black History Month?


Since we’re on the subject of Black History Month, did you know that Nike celebrates Black History Month by releasing a shoe to commemorate the occasion?  Have you at least seen one of the annually made sneakers in the store?  Well, there’s a reason for that, they don’t sell them to the general public.  The way we understand it, they give them out to select individuals and have events that raise money for charity.  The shoes, as you will see, take thoughtful detailing and insight.

In February 2008, Nike introduced the 2008 shoe with a fabulous program at the National Black Theater of Harlem.  The talent was a showcase of some of the communities best and to top it off Tommie Smith and John Carlos (the gold and bronze Olympic winners of 1968 respectively) were introduced for a Q&A.

The athletic shoe company extraordinaire could turn a pretty penny with these shoes, but they don’t sell them in stores.  That, one act by Nike, is commendable and appreciated.  Now let’s see if they’ll come down about $100 on all their other shoes.  Read and watch the celebration in Harlem.  And don’t forget to go to page 2, so you can view the previous sneakers from past years.  The event and the beauty of the 2008 shoe will get you excited for what they have in store for 2009.

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