4 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: Barack’s Impact 5 Years From Now”

  1. I have two friends here in Austria who are soon to be
    mom´s and both have decided to name there sons
    BARACK´´by the way they are white´´.

  2. I understand the comic view of this, however…This little joke seem to originate from a white person. Yes, I know we’ll be seeing a lot more jokes of this nature. The sad part about it is the fact that both blacks & whites will fine this funny. And soon the racist jokes will even start to come from blacks. The dream has not yet been reach, we have only just jumped yet another hurdle. “EQUALITY FOR ALL” Is the dream, Not just for one or for the few, not even for the majority BUT FOR ALL. Now that the bar has been raised, Maybe we can stop acting like crabs in a barrel and really be happy for the guy who makes it without bashing him. Maybe now we can see what can be done if we work hard for what we want. People are gonna make jokes but lets keep our eyes on the prize.

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