Husband and Wife Rob Bank With Deposit Slip


This couple had no idea they had a little Bonnie and Clyde in them.  This is clearly a case of you can’t say what you would do until it happens to you.  The married duo hurried up and figured it out though.  Somehow, the bank made a huge error when they mistakenly took the couple’s deposit of $1772.50 and morphed it into $177,250. 

Now we know you’re probably wishing the bank could make this type of error on your account and test the theory of “What would I do.” But if you’re thinking about quitting your job and moving to Florida like they did, think again.  They didn’t really get to spend too much of the money either.  The authorities have set a bail of $100,000 dollars.  Hopefully, they put a little between the mattress and is able to call someone to come and get them with it. 

But the plot thickens even more, the wife told authorities that her husband often received large sums of money in his line of work, so how was she to know.  Translation:  Take him not me!  No honor amongst thieves.  Read all the details here.

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