Man Walks Off Death Row After 30 Years?

Jonathan Bruce Reed

 African Americans have long been discriminated against by exclusion and other violations.  Now, once again, the racism that has been visited upon black people is again in the interest of some white man.  But, there is a family out there on the receiving end of the nation’s “chickens coming home to roost” as a convicted murderer may be set free because of improper jury selection.  It has been reported that a Texas judge found “that prosecutors improperly excluded blacks from his jury in the belief that blacks empathize with defendants.”

This has got to be a first in Texas history.  The hang ’em high state that normally has a quick turnaround for those on death row has held the inmate since 1979 for the rape and murder of a woman.  The prosecution isn’t sure how soon they can review the case and get back to the court about a possible “retry” of the case, so it’s a possibility that this man may go free. 

This case appears to be an open and shut case because a witness to the murder was one of the women he tried to kill, but she lived.  In addition to her, there are two other eyewitnesses that saw him the evening of the murders. 

What I don’t understand, and maybe you can help me here, is what could have possibly been the rationale for believing that black jurors would’ve empathized with this mad man?  Now if they said that because he is a white male and blacks have some “payback” on their mind and they would convict him for reasons that have nothing to do with the case, I think I could see that.  But, black folks siding with a lunatic white man is a bit far fetched.  It’s as though they believed that we are so malicious that no matter what someone does we will try to justify it.  Is that the view of what’s going on in our community?  Read all the details on the case here

-J.C. Brooks

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