Dishin’ Dirt on Chaka Khan, Lauryn Hill, LeToya Luckett, Bizzy Bone and the NBA’s Eddy Curry…

 GOOD GAWD!!  I got the DIRT!  Here is the run down…

Bizzy Bone

Y’all Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N’ Harmony done got jacked!  According to my peeps, Bizzy was on his way back to his hotel room at the Universal Hilton when several dudes jumped out, whipped him up and took his jewels.  The dude charged in the robbery goes by the name of Marlo “Bow Wow” Jones and at the time of the robbery Marlo happened to be employed by Unity One, an anti-gang organization.  His bail was set at $1.1 Million.  Under normal circumstances I would feel for Bizzy … but I don’t.  I cannot tell a lie, I am in “hater” mode right now and I don’t blame Marlo for getting tired of doing the right thing.  Y’all know Unity One was probably payin’ that man $8 or $10 per hour!  On top of being broke and frustrated, here come Bizzy lookin’ all “fabulous” and what not.  I would have jacked him too!  Seriously, I hope Bizzy recovers from his beat down soon.  By the way, Bone Thugs In Harmony has a new CD coming out this spring.  Be on the lookout for it.

Side Bar-Of all people to rob this dummy had to rob Bizzy Bone.  Hey Marlo, didn’t you get the memo?  Bizzy Bone along with all of his comrades are “ballers” on budgets.  Robbing them is like robbing Todd Bridges.  Now yo’ dumb azz gotta pay $1.1 million for yo’ get out of jail free card!  Nuff said…

Chaka Khan

Speaking of “has beens” who in the HELL left the gate open and let Chaka Khan escape?!  I LOVE me some Chaka but sista girl done left reality.  For some reason, somebody done told her wrong.  Chaka has a RIDICULOUS list of “must haves” for EVERY show she does.  From weird travel requests for her and her entourage to demanding food, this broad done took the word “diva” and ran with it.  Check out the list here.

Chaka Khan

Side Bar-Her first request should have been for a beautician.  That 1972 wig probably weighs more than her body.

New York

Is it just me or is anyone else SICK and TIRED of all these reality shows?  Well, I know for sure that I am sick of one reality show star in particular and that is Tiffany “New York” Pollard.  In case y’all don’t remember her, this is the chick from the Flava of Love who was dissed by Flav, not once but twice after professing her undying love for him.  She later got her own show called “I Love New York” and she also had a small cameo in the movie “First Sunday.”  Anyway, this PSYCHOTIC, UGLY, CRAZY, UNATTRACTIVE, BEAUTY CHALLENGED, UGLY, TALENTLESS, UGLY broad is now trying to throw her hat into the ring (literally) at the WWF.  Yep, New York is tryin’ to be a wrestler.  Rumor has it that she will be a part of Wrestlemania 25.

Ray J

Speaking of reality TV y’all, Ray J got his own reality show.  The show which is said to be replacing Flava of Love, will air on VH1 in early February and will be called For the Love of Ray J.  I guess Ray J is gonna make himself a star by any means necessary.  Nuff said…

Ray J and Superhead

Side Bar-Seriously, who wants to be with Ray J after Superhead told about their “tryst” in her book “Confessions of a Video Vixen?”  Not only did he screw Superhead but he, made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian (who is now with Reggie Bush) and more recently was linked to Whitney Houston…who was married to Bobby Brown, who was also linked to Superhead!!  Recycled sex is sooooo unappealing.  Folks are just nasty!!

Lauryn Hill

Speaking of crazy “has beens”, y’all there has been a Lauryn Hill sighting.  According to the NY Post, Lauren is now wandering the streets of West Orange, NJ.  Poor thing, that chronic has the lil’ sista chasing imaginary rabbits and swatting non-existent flies.  Hill family, if you are out there, please know that this is a “man down” situation and y’all need to get that girl some help.

Lauryn Hill

Side Bar-This ain’t got nuffin’ to do with nuffin’ but I just have to tell this story.  Years ago when Lauryn Hill made her “big come back”, her first performance was on some black awards show.  Anyway, I had the sound down on my television set so I didn’t hear who was performing.  I walked into the room and saw this lil’ black boy sitting on the stage playing an acoustic guitar, wearing a Yankees ball cap, denim jacket and some jeans and my first thought was, “awe man, Sammie done went folk.”  I ran and turned the volume up only to learn that it was Lauryn Hill and her new look.  Nuff said…

LaToya Luckett

Ex-Destiny’s Child member, LeToya Luckett is back on the scene with her new single “Not Anymore” from her untitled sophomore CD.  Seeing that Sasha Fierce was a FARCE, this is LeToya’s time to outshine the Queen B.  Personally, I love the new single and if this CD is better than the last, she will definitely make her mark on the industry in a big way.  Check it out for yourself right here.

Eddy Curry

Y’all I done saved the best for last…WHY is NBA star Eddy Curry being slapped with a sexual harassment suit … FROM HIS MALE LIMO DRIVER?!!  According to the the NY Post, David Kuchinsky claims that Eddy Curry tried on numerous occasions to solicit gay sex from him.  Kuchinsky also claims that he is owed 68K in unpaid wages as well as 25K for expenses for which Curry never repaid him.  Kuchinsky worked for Curry from 2005 until 2008.  You can check out the article here.

Side Bar-Hmmmmm … what straight man do y’all know that will let his gay employer continue to make advances towards him for three years without catching a case … crickets chirping … NONE!  File this under some frackle, nackle BULL SHIZNIT!  I smell a LIAR!  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



10 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Chaka Khan, Lauryn Hill, LeToya Luckett, Bizzy Bone and the NBA’s Eddy Curry…”

  1. Hey.. that mess about Eddy Curry is off the chain…That’s crazy… but I just read the NY Post article and I can’t believe dude stayed the whole 3 years like you stated…

    I can’t wait to see how this plays out… I luv the Knicks.. but dang….


  2. ha!

    if true…
    this is no shock

    the nba and nfl are full of married gay gaybashing jocks…

    most jocks are amoral spoiled excuses for real men who will do anything with anyone anytime anywhere…

    they are coddled to think the world owes them for being here since the days they ate their first baloney sandwiches and join their first pee wee league teams…

    in an increasingly amoral world, like toxic “reality” shows, these fools’ hedonist antics worsen daily…


  3. Chaka’s my girl but lately her outfits have been over the top, even for Chaka and I’ve been riding with Chaka since ’74. The hair doesn’t bother me, because it is her trademark—I was however surprised that she had a steamer as part of her rider, her clothes usually looked slept in. Ray J and a reality show, yeah I can see that and I can see the girls participating, around my office those girls who saw his video with Kim say dude is talented and very blessed, so maybe these girls are trying to get their blessings. You know Ray J is one of those men that is supposedly too good to waste and also too dumb to keep, he must be passed around. Additionally it will keep Ray J off the street, you know he isn’t wrapped too tight.

  4. I love Chaka, however I am only but so surprised of her requests. Most singers/celebrities have them. It is strange as the other poster noted that she has a steamer as a must. Her clothing is usually uncomplimentary, though she is a beautiful woman and the hair is her trademark.

  5. as for Lauryen Hill, that’s not weed thats making her act that way. We may need to research her other drug of preference or check on her alcohol consumption. Weed symptoms…hungary, happy, sleepy and sometimes horny!!!!! Not wandering the streets

  6. I am thinking I need to consider some of the data you have in this article. I agree with a lot of your points. I’ll have to get my brain working on some of these.

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