10-Year Old Reporter Gets Credentials For Inauguration


A young man by the name of Damon Weaver has just scored press credentials for the Inauguration of Barack Obama.  The journalistic phenom is an articulate 5th grader in Florida and yet another inspiration for young black boys that can now see their lofty ideas come down to Earth and be within their reach.  

The young man had been campaigning for a chance to interview the President-elect at the Inauguration, but had been denied.  But it appears that he, like Obama, had loyal supporters for his campaign that spoke on his behalf to help his dream be realized.

One of the most incredible gifts that come from the election of a black President is the dreams that seem attainable for young black men due to his example.  Race relations may have a true opportunity to work themselves out over time as well, but the black men and women of this nation that look at this black family can feel like the dreams they dream for themselves will no longer be deferred.  Check out the video of Mr. Damon Weaver, our next White House Correspondent:

Damon Weaver campaigns

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