Immigrants Return Home As Leaders

Merlin Pena

Immigration in this country is a hot topic.  The media has reported in blogs and op-eds like that of USA Today  that the U.S. borders are being stretched beyond their limits to no apparent benefit to the homegrown citizens.  Well, some immigrants aren’t interested in staying, but they are interested in returning home with resources from America.

As far as the black community is concerned, the point of contention is the struggle African American civil rights leaders fought and won for African Americans, yet foreigners have been able to reside in the U.S. and benefit.  We are still in the fight of our lives, literally, to become full citizens.  The racism that still exists culminates into deaths and disproportionate incarceration in our communities.

Now immigrants are doubly benefiting from their American resources by turning their experience as citizens into opportunities back in their homelands.  The phenomenon is that some are not educated on a higher level, yet have been able to return to their homeland as dignitaries and leaders. 

The latest example is an El Salvadorian woman who has been a blue collar worker in the U.S. for nearly three decades, yet is eligible to run for Vice President in El Salvador based on her experience here.  Now, forgive me if I’m wrong, but nothing about the recent election should suggest to El Salvadorians that blue collar workers especially African American blue collar workers (unless Harvard or Yale educated), are eligible for the White House. 

Maybe El Salvador is more advanced than we are when it comes to the selection of who should be at the helm.  Arguably, a blue collar worker should be the most in touch with the people who make up the majority of the country, thus making that person a clear candidate.  What do you think?  Read this woman’s story while you think on it.


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