Dishin’ Dirt on Jim Jones, Kanye West and Charli Baltimore…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is today’s dirt…

Jim Jones

Rapper Jim Jones done came up.  He is the latest rapper turned industry pimp…I mean executive.  Jim Jones is now the Vice President of Urban A&R for Koch Records.  Basically what that means is that if homeboy plays his cards right, he done set himself up for life after rap.  Now maybe he can put on a suit, shave and act like the grown 32-year old man that he is.  Koch Records is the #1 independent record label in the United States.  I’m so glad this boy got a job.  It ain’t like he is known for his music.  The joker is known for having “beef” with errrybody in the industry to include Jay Z, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo AND Camron.  His latest “beef” was with a dude named Vaughn in the Louis Vuitton Store.  Vaughn is the brother of this dude named Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith who is Jay Z’s “best friend.”  All of this foolishness is real beeotch like!  Speaking of beeotch like, at the time of the brawl, Vaughn was with NeYo…and y’all know NeYo ain’t finna have nobody’s back on NUFFIN’ that ain’t got to do with a soft azz love song.  Therefore, Jay’s boy Vaughn took a beat down.  Ya smell me…


Side Bar-NeYo, I ain’t mad atcha for not throwing them bows but could you have at least told your boy to duck or run??  I guess I need to put NeYo in the category of men I wouldn’t feel safe being with.  We both can’t be screaming and doing the windmill.  I’m just sayin’…

Ann Coulture 

Speaking of being “beeeotch like”, Ann Coulter was on The View today.  Although I am not a big fan of The View, I ALWAYS seem to catch it on the “juicy” days.  Ann had the AUDACITY to write a book and say that Halle Berry, Barack Obama and Alicia Keys deny their white heritage when they call themselves black!!  How HILARIOUS?!!  Check out the interview here.

Side Bar-I am VERY sure that Ann Coulter is NOT reading my blog, but just in case she is…Ann, if you’re out there would you really care if Barack, Halle or Alicia were claiming their “white” heritage if either of them held the title of…ummmmm…the UNIBOMBER instead of Academy Award Winner, Grammy Award Winner or better yet…THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES??  Inquiring minds want to know…

Gucci Mane

Rapper (if that is what you want to call him) Gucci Mane knocked the HELL out of some chick at the club.  It was a mess.  If there is one thing I absolutely hate it is a dude who hits on women.  Hey Gucci Mane, I’ll bet you won’t roll up on a dude like that.  In fact, I’ll bet when yo’ azz was on lock down in FULTON COUNTY JAIL yo’ azz was REAL HUMBLE!  Anyway, check out the video here.

Side Bar-To all the brothas out there, please know that hitting a woman is some real BYTCH SHIZNIT!  Nuff said…

Charli Baltimore


Okay, not to speak ill of the dead but WHY are these broads trippin’ over BIGGIE’s AZZ??  In a recent interview with YoRaps, Charli Baltimore said that Biggie was just sleeping with Kim and that she was his main girl.  Okay, y’all for real…who cares?  The man is dead!  Even bigger than that…how about neither Kim or Charli were his girlz!  Faith was his WIFE and mother of his child…so she was “his” girl.  Therefore, Charli and Kim, please know that “crush buddies” and “side pieces” only matter when you are performing your “duties.”  Check out the interview here.

Lil Kim

Side Bar-Errrry now and then I feel the need to school a sista or two and today is one of those days.  Ladies, it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got the ring.  Simply put, it don’t matter how long y’all date or how many kids you have together, please believe that if you ain’t got the ring…it don’t mean a thing.  It ain’t what I heard, it’s what I know.  Nuff said…

Kanye West

Y’all I saved the best for last!!  My boy Kanye West is talking about hitting the gym and posing naked!!  In a recent article in Vibe magazine, Kanye talks about wishing that he had fewer fans so that he could pose naked and no one would read anything into it.  Hmmm…let’s put all of the “questions” about his sexuality to the side and get to the “meat” of it, if you will.  Kanye, in my opinion this could either make me a BIGGER fan or just really disappoint me and I don’t think I’m willing to take that chance.  Please keep the tools in the box and I will forever be a fan.  See…errrybody wins!

That’s all the dirt for today.  Holla back at your girl!



4 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Jim Jones, Kanye West and Charli Baltimore…”

  1. I am tired of Lil’ Kim whining about the Biggie movie. It’s sad that a woman over 30 can’t see how much of a fool she was when she was younger. It’s her fault for the things she allowed in her life and the nasty choices she made. I understand that people who put themselves out there like that, i.e. put their tails out there on a platter for everyone to sample, has a story & likely a sad one. My point is, Charlie AND Kim were just someone to do. His self esteem could have been low & he was probably just glad to get anyone. Point is 4 some reason, he chose 2 MARRY Faith. Maybe Faith was the girl he thought he’d never get, whose knows. Lil’ Kim’s maturity level needs 2 catch up w/her age. It’s not your story, it’s his story, U all along was just a PIECE of the story. Get over yourself, U & Charli both. Get some self respect & stop whining over who screwed who…when & 4 how long. You both were just what you were, ANOTHER PIECE of the story…sad pathetic story.

  2. I disagree… if a female hits a man, she should be able to take the hit back like a man. DOn’t put your hands on anyone if you’re not ready to fight back, point blank! A slap forward deserves a slap back.

  3. Jim Jones—Only a shave? How ’bout a bath, what is is with all these dirty looking men lately, that is not cute. Well I hope Jim Jones does more for Koch then these other so-called Rapper turned Record Executives (then again Jay did have Rihanna.) Poor Kim and you are right why is this still news almost 12 years later? Obviously this movie has opened old wounds and since Kim has nothing else to do, she might as well start some mess, actually she’s helping the movie, Faith’s book and now Charlie Baltimore, they should thank her. Kanye naked—-hmmm NAW! Oh anti-believer I can’t believe you think that….

  4. sony, i think you need to get off your fat ass and get a damn job and quit worrying about these damn rich people, because i doubt, gucci mane, or anne coulter gives a fuck about what some ghetto internet bitch thinks. get a life hoe.

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