Monsters Really Do Exist

Andre Thomas

 Children have long heard stories of dragons and unimaginable beasts in their fairytales and movies of fantasy.  But then as adults, we see real monsters that no one ever explained were real and were nothing like the images we heard about and saw on screen.

The latest monster has shown up in Texas and the state is trying their best to set a date for his death. The monster was convicted of unthinkable horrors against his family which consisted of his 20-year old wife, 4-year old son, and 13-month old daughter.  He stabbed them all to death and ripped out their hearts.

He is supposed to be an African American male, but he is obviously insane.  Crazy has no color.  The Texas judge that heard the case felt that he was stable enough to stand trial even after he plucked out his own right eye while in custody and just before the 2004 trial where he was sentenced to death.  Fast forward to early December and he’s plucked out the other…AND ATE IT! 

Some may feel that the judge was irresponsible in letting him go to trial, but it’s easy to see that he felt he’d be better off dead than in a mental facility.  Do you agree?  Read here before you answer.

One thought on “Monsters Really Do Exist”

  1. I’m not sure if he’s crazy or just plain evil. There is another place besides jail or a mental facility for this wicked being. Give him a 1 way ticket.

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