Detroit Mom Serves Daughter For Sex Party


It seems like we hear Detroit on the news every single day as it faces crisis after crisis.  The hope is eeking out the city with unemployment sky high, over 80 schools closing, the Mayor being incarcerated, and the Big 3 facing bankruptcy.  In such a crunch, it’s obvious that the residents would be desperate for opportunity, even if they have to create them on their own.

One woman figured she’d start her own brothel, but the problem with that is that she allegedly allowed her 16-year old daughter and her friend of the same age to be a part of the erotic roster.  The Detroit Free Press reported that when Detroit police officers raided the home, they saw approximately 20 women doing striptease for customers.  The mother has since lost her daughter to protective custody and is facing more than 20 years in jail.  Read here while you rethink your business plan because in this economy, Detroit isn’t the only city drowning in debt.

4 thoughts on “Detroit Mom Serves Daughter For Sex Party”

  1. This is utterly ridiculous, if she wanted to earn a few dollars that’s one thing, but to let her daughter and her friends participate is another. They should put her HOT GHETTO MESS under the jail. If I were one of the other parents I would be appalled because I trusted this parent to look out for my daugter while at her home.

  2. toxic parenting is a national epidimic!!!

    and NONE of our communities or schools will prosper until toxic parenting becomes national PRIORITY ONE



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