Are We Talking About the Vote Again?


 Once again the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is in question even after Bush and Congress, in 2006, voted to reinstate it another 25 years.  But there’s still another group challenging Section 5 of the Act and the Supreme Court has agreed to listen.  The United States Department of Justice defines Section 5 as:

“Section 5 freezes election practices or procedures in certain states until the new procedures have been subjected to review, either after an administrative review by the United States Attorney General, or after a lawsuit before the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. This means that voting changes in covered jurisdictions may not be used until that review has been obtained.”

Once again, race rears its ugly head and tries to make us believe that it doesn’t matter anymore because we have a black President.  The fact that the legislation is in question should be enough for most to realize that it should not be altered and it is very much needed.  The polling places that made this legislation necessary back then are still having trouble today.  Read here and let us know if you think that race is not a factor anymore.  But as far as we know, mainly southern polling places were still up to their historically old tricks.

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