U.S. Cities Show Love for Ex-Offenders


Tell your brother he has no excuse for not having a job anymore.  The U.S. has opened its arms and taken out their white out to remove the “Have you ever committed a felony?” question from the job application.  The news that applications in some cities across the nation would be devoid of the criminal question probably launched premature celebrations.  Because the other side of this sudden charitable act is similar to the beginning of affirmative action.

Back in the day, blacks could begin to get jobs because the nation’s new policy said, “Hey Negroes, we’ll give you a few jobs if you stop all this rioting and marching and stuff” (loosely translated).  It was sort of a bartering tool that women and other ethnic groups benefited from as well, although the policy was primarily a remnant of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which was initially created to protect the rights of blacks in the U.S.  Any employer or institution could avoid lawsuits or any legal bother once they could hide behind the fact that they utilized Affirmative Action when hiring or permitting blacks to institutions.  As long as they hired one or two blacks and/or women, their personal quota was met.

There’s a number of cities that have removed the question, but they still do background checks.  The information age we live in has enabled employers to simply remove the question and do a preliminary investigation prior to an interview.  If they really wanted to seem as though they were being proactive or doing ex-felons a favor, they would’ve removed the social security number section.  Now that would’ve helped more than ex-convicts because they are checking credit for a lot of jobs as well.   Read here before you give your brother 30 days to move out.

One thought on “U.S. Cities Show Love for Ex-Offenders”

  1. Crazy…whether someone has committed a felony is really a critical bit of information. If they’ve gone off and killed someone at the Post Office, heck I want My employer toknow that and not hire the fool.

    Let losers move on.


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